Mongolian Survival Expedition

Survival School OVERLEVEN is collaborating with Tamar Valkenier to take you on an adventure of a lifetime in one of the most remote areas of the world, the spectacular Altai Mountain range in the west of Mongolia.

Important: you don’t have to be a survival specialist to join this incredible Mongolian Survival Expedition. This trip is designed for anyone who wants to have an epic adventure.

The expedition starts in Olgi: a small place in the province of Bayan-Ulgi in western Mongolia. From Ulaanbaatar you can either fly or take the bus to Olgi.  Our Mongolian guides will drop us at the start of the trip, from where on we will be hiking to our end destination. We will be joined by local Mongolian guides with their horses and camels. While traversing the most incredible landscapes, you learn about trip planning and navigation techniques, knife techniques, about packing and travelling with camels, about making fire when there is no wood around, about fishing and hunting, about the mongolian culture and how to interact with the local nomads, about the unique wildlife in these mountains and many more things that will make this trip an incredible journey through Mongolia.

Tamar Valkenier is a chef, a psychologist, criminologist and permaculture designer. She has been travelling full-time for the last three years and has extended travel experiences in remote areas. In the summer of 2017, Tamar travelled for four months in the Altai mountains of Mongolia with her own horse, camel and dog, while learning the art of eaglehunting by the Kazakh nomads from the area.

Dennis van Dokkum is owner of Survival School OVERLEVEN and has previously worked for 18 years in the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps. After his career in the military he started his own survival school in 2009. Since then on he has all kinds of clients from; office employees to ESA astronauts. He works all over the world and loves to travel to remote areas.

Dennis and Tamar will guide you through the most beautiful mountains, while combining modern Survival Skills with local Mongolian knowledge. You will learn all kinds of primitive wilderness living skills from our Mongolian guides and from our skilled instructors.

Though there is a lot of knowledge and experience in the group to learn about many things, the following topics will definitely be discussed:

Mongolian Culture & Wildlife,
Survival Psychology,
Survival Basics (Shelter, Fire, Water, Food, First aid, emergency signals),
Navigation techniques (map & compass, gps and natural navigation),
Shelter building,
Collecting food (fishing, hunting and wild edibles),
Fire making techniques (modern & local skills),
Knife techniques, sharpening,
Camp setup,
Trip planning,
River crossing techniques,

Fitness level: We will travel by foot and carry our personal gear in our backpacks. Extra equipment will be loaded on the camels. You have to be able to walk 10 – 15 kilometers per day and be comfortable sleeping outside on some of the most beautiful campspots in the world. If you have any doubts about your fitness level, please contact us to discuss the issues.

Price: €1350
Not included in this price is: your own international flights to and from Ulaanbaatar international airport. (approx. €850,- Amsterdam – Ulaanbaatar – Amsterdam); and the transit to and from Olgi either by bus (42+ hours, approx. €65,-/return ticket) or by domestic flight (3,5 hours, approx. €150,-/return ticket). Optional is to add a few days to your mongolian experience and drive through the country with a private guide. If you are interested in this, we would be happy to discuss your options.

Dates 2018: 23 juni – 7 juli (including flight and transit days)

Dates 2019: 8 – 22 juni (including flight and transit days)

Additionally, the famous Naadam festival will be held from july 11-15. All Mongols will celebrate the three manly sports of horse racing, wrestling and archery. The festival is registered with the Intangible Heritage Fund of UNESCO. You may want to consider to extend your stay to see the festival either in Olgi or Ulaanbaatar. We will be happy to assist you in finding accomodation for these days.